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Morgat, seaside resort on the Crozon peninsula

Discover Morgat, near the Camping de la Presqu'île in Crozon

Small district of the town of Crozon, Morgat has acquired a good reputation over the years. Located more precisely in the south of the municipality, its history fascinates many tourists who do not hesitate to visit it. Back on this place of inescapable vacations of this commune.

A perfect camping environment for vacations

The village of Morgat in the department of Finistère is full of natural attractions for camping. It abounds in several structures that offer to all camping lovers safe spaces and places to stay. It is therefore easy to find a rental in this part of Crozon.

Travelers who camp in Morgat can enjoy visiting some of the town’s characteristic sites in the summer. Indeed, the Crozon peninsula is full of fantastic places to discover such as the Terenez Bridge, the Cap de la Chèvre, the Pointe des Espagnols…

Moreover, several activities can be done on the seaside resort, the docks or on the beach. It is possible to walk closely on the marina and the surrounding places. Far from being a simple seaside land, this area is very lively especially in summer as is the case with the local market. From July onwards, a market comes to life on Wednesday mornings. A night market is also held on Tuesdays in Morgat.

A place of undeniable tourism

Morgat is also the scene of vacationers who wish to go sightseeing in Brittany in the extreme west of Finistère. It has been welcoming for several years curious tourists and lovers of nature and the beautiful landscape. Its seaside resort has a moving history that seduces more and more summer visitors in search of a place to walk and excursion.
Indeed, it is now more than one hundred years that this sardine and tuna port has become what it is. It was once a small fishing village until Armand Peugeot decided to build a seaside resort. This was the birth of a famous resort in Crozon. Morgat thus became the attraction of many tourists who were interested in the many sites that charm and arouse curiosity. Among these, there are the sea caves, the splendid constructions of renowned architects, etc.

Its beach is also a special place from where it is possible to see the hare and the tortoise. It is actually a group of rocks whose silhouette is similar to that of these two animals. During their stay, participants can also engage in various activities such as hiking along the coastline or kayaking. They can also go scuba diving, participate in windsurfing sessions or surfing spots on the sea.

To conclude, we can deduce that the diversity of the cultural and natural heritage makes Morgat a flagship small town of Crozon. It is ideal for camping, but also for tourism. These assets justify the multiple distinctions that this small town of Brittany in the department of Finistère has received.