OPEN FROM 04/28/23 TO 09/30/2023


Brest, port city in Brittany

What to do in Brest ? Our top 9 must-haves activities

Brest is a port city in Brittany, located 1 hour from the campsite by land and 20 minutes by sea. Cut in two by the Penfeld, the city is known for its rich maritime past and its naval base. It is a city where modernism, neoclassicism, art nouveau, art deco… mostly destroyed during the 1944 bombings, it continues to reinvent itself.

Discover our 9 activities

1- The Capuchin workshop

Brest is also home to innovative and unique projects, such as the Ateliers des Capucins. In this immense industrial cathedral, the Canot de l’Empereur (Emperor’s Boat) stands alongside impressive machine tools left over from the National Navy’s workshops. The architecture of these old workshops is worth the detour and the atmosphere arouses enthusiasm. Children of all ages, dancers, art and film lovers, sportsmen, walkers and musicians mix in a family and good-natured atmosphere. To join them, take the cable car and enjoy a 360° view of Brest and the harbor! And don’t leave without visiting 70.8, a scientific museum dedicated to the oceans. You can either discover by yourself the richness of the museum through the multiple exhibitions and presentations or follow the guided tour.

2 – Discover the PAM

The other innovation of winter 2023 to discover: the PAM. The PAM is the achievement of a group of Brest residents who decided to transform the former PAM printing plant in the heart of the city into a third place open to all. An ambitious third place mixing shops, old paper mill machines, restaurants, offices, dance hall, culture, even agriculture (with a mushroom farm) in the heart of Brest (Pasteur street, parallel to Siam street), in a spirit of sustainable development, on 3 000 m2.

La PAM, 56 Rue d’Aiguillon à Brest
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 9am-11pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 1am. Closed on Sundays. Discover on their website their proposals

3 – Visit Océanopolis

Dive into the biodiversity of Brittany, tour the warm seas, travel to the heart of the ice and meet the otters Pukiq, Matchaq and Tanqiq, straight from Alaska.

4 – The National Botanical Conservatory

The national botanical conservatory: an extraordinary garden, with a generous, luxuriant and exotic nature. You can walk around with your family, run around and play in it. The tropical greenhouses are also full of surprises.

5 – The National Museum of the Navy

Visit the National Museum of the Navy to discover 17 centuries of history and admire many views of the harbor and the city;

6 – The Motte-Tangny tower

Admire the Motte-Tangny Tower, built in the 14th century

7 – The roadstead of Brest

Take a boat trip on the bay of Brest

8 – The Museum of Fine Arts

Admire the superb collection of old paintings housed in the Fine Arts Museum, which offers a journey through art, from the marine paintings of the Pont-Aven school and the Nabis to the sculptures of Anna Quinquaud

9 – The explorers’ garden

Walk through the garden of the explorers 3 rue de la pointe. This garden is a tribute to the explorers of the 18th century who left Brest. Exceptional view on the harbour and the Naval Base from the belvedere footbridge.

Brest really deserves to be known.

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